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IBC INDIA Background Checks 

IBC INDIA an ISO Certified, is a background/antecedents verification Organisation, specializing in the field of Employee Background Screening (EBS). Headquartered in Bangalore, with seven several associates across the globe, IBC INDIA provides its services to a large number of Multinational & National companies worldwide.

Our strong process oriented framework in the screening process has been a major contributor to the success of our projects for various MNCs and national organizations. At IBC INDIA, our commitment to quality and trust has helped us gain alliance partners who share these very same ethos. In such a dynamic business environment we have held our place and have been recognized by industry leaders.

Business Information Service

Offering attractive credit terms may increase your competitiveness but it will also expose you to higher credit risks. To minimise the risk and turn it in to a positive business advantage, offer credit only to the worthy. Assessing and monitoring the credibility is not easy but necessary.
At IBC INDIA, we understand the need for accurate and reliable information by providing Business Information Reports (or Credit Reports as they are popularly known). Our reports are designed to meet the needs of businesses that need quick and reliable information.
An unparalleled network and the best knowledge management systems in use allow us to collate information from a myriad of sources and compile the most comprehensive business information reports which are sure to be your trustworthy tools in mitigating trade risks.

A standard credit report contains the following data

• Complete registration data and the company's history
• office address, telephone and fax numbers, email, website addresses, etc.
• business activities, products/services provided, trade marks
• import and export data, main suppliers and clients
• information about the shareholders and administration
• data on subsidiaries and affiliated companies
• last year balance sheet and profit and loss account - wherever possible
• negative information, legal claims, market reputation, etc.
• creditworthiness, payment records or behaviours and credit recommendations
Your advantages when using our report

• you have a clear picture of your business partner wherever he is situated
• you are provided with cooperation opportunities analysis
• you possess convincing arguments for negotiating a contract on more favourable terms


The Standard Report comprises with all the vital information about the company like incorporation, registration, no. of employees, bankers, shareholding, litigation, summarized financials, key ratios, credit rating and credit limit, business activity, management, etc.

In addition of all the details of Standard Report, schedules of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Directors’ Report.

In addition of all the details of Standard Report, Comprehensive Report, details of site visit and photograph/s.