Individual /Personal Customers

Facts currently offer the following services:

  • Education Verification
  • Official Transcripts
  • Tenant Verification
  • Domestic Help Verification
  • Driver Verification
  • Marriage Partner Verification

What is FACTS?

Powered by IBC, FACTS is a leading platform offering a full spectrum of premium quality online background screening and risk mitigation solutions to businesses as well as individual consumers.


How can FACTS help me check the background of my potential Marriage partner?

FACTS can conduct the following checks to ensure your potential Marriage partner’s claims are true:

  • Identity Proof – to ascertain claims are of the right identity
  • Both Current & Permanent Addresses – to ascertain traceability
  • Education – to ascertain genuineness of claim and future stability
  • Current  & Previous Employment and References and Self-Employment, if any – to ascertain financial capability and stability

Police Verification – to ascertain no crime has been reported or committed by the individual.


How can FACTS help me with a background check of my prospective driver or domestic help?

FACTS will conduct the following checks to ensure your domestic hire’s or drivers claims are true:

  • Document Validation – to ascertain identity and valid license (for drivers)
  • All Addresses – Current, Permanent and as many Previous addresses – to ensure traceability and ascertain no police records exist at that location
  • References from Current & Previous Employers – to ascertain employment and the responsibility handled and general feedback
  • Police Verification-to ascertain no crime has been reported or committed by the individual at specified addresses.


How can FACTS help me with a background check of my prospective tenant?

FACTS provide the following verification services for people in your situation:

  • Addresses – Permanent & Previous – to ascertain traceability  and acceptability as a tenant
  • Current Employment and Reference Check- to ascertain claims and rent-paying ability
  • Identity Proof Check – to ascertain claims are of the right identity

Police Verification- to ascertain no crime has been reported or committed by the individual.


How do I initiate a request to conduct a verification or background check?

You can contact us by phone or email (information on Contact Us  page) or register on our web site and submit an e-request.


What is Police Registration?

Police in most states has issued a notification under CrPC that all tenants, domestic hires should be registered with the local PS. Police procedure requires the tenant and the domestic help to physically present themselves at the local PS with documentary evidence [accepted documents only] and the completed prescribed form [forms vary from state to state – available on request]. The police register important details regarding the individual. This ensures that in case of a crime or any untoward incident, police is able to trace the person or the person’s family for further action. Registration is a mandatory procedure and punishable as an offence when found guilty.


What is the difference between Police Registration and Police Verification?

Police Registration is [as described above] the police procedure of the landlord/property owner and the household owner informing the police of the tenant/domestic help/driver and police having it in their record.

Police Verification is an independent body verifying with the police if they have any criminal record on the individual being verified at the address stated.  In conducting police verification, FACTS will send a representative to the local PS of the address to be verified [Current/Permanent/Previous] and get the records checked with the police records of crimes in the name of the individual.

Police registration does not tell you if there is a crime record against the individual. Post the registration Police may conduct an independent verification on the individual if they have reasons to suspect. It is the procedure of recording. Police verification will tell you if there has been a criminal record.


How does FACTS get the police registration done?

Once we have all the details of your tenant/driver/domestic help [with the completed form and necessary documents as mentioned in the order process], FACTS representative will liaison with the local PS of the jurisdiction where the property being rented out is located or the driver/domestic help is being hired for. On the appointed day/time, FACTS representative will accompany the tenant, driver, and domestic help to the police station for the registration process. All the dealings with the police will be managed by FACTS representative. 

You are expected to get the form filled and ensure your tenant or domestic hire/driver has required documents for identity and address proof and help us schedule the visit to the police station.


Which locations are covered by FACTS?

We provide verification services all across India through our network of verification affiliates. Police registration is presently available only in BANGALORE. As new locations for registration are added, we will keep updating the website.


How do I make a payment for your services?

Payments can be made securely on our web site or by cheque / cash deposit in our bank account and international clients can use Paypal.


Will the other person know I am trying to check his information?

Yes, you need to get the consent of the person whom you are going to check, before you initiate the check through us. Consent Form [available] needs to be completed and signed and kept securely with you. FACTS will not take the responsibility if the person being verified raises objections prior to/during/post verification of infringement of privacy or misuse of information gathered.


Why should I trust FACTS?

FACTS an initiative of IBC is a service being offered to the individual customer. IBC has been rendering screening services to the corporate world since 10 years. IBC has a credible presence in the verification business and has a wide network across India to reach remote corners. IBC with the expertise of the seasoned IBC operations behind it is a robust service and a name that can be trusted.


How do you verify information about someone?

Our team of researchers or specialists accesses various public databases, public offices, proprietary tools and a vast network of affiliates around the country to verify information and documents.

Is anyone notified I am searching for them?

No one is notified that you are using the services of FACTS, including the person you are searching for.

Do you take cases from all over India?

What is your Refund Policy?

All background check services ordered are final and no refunds will be given. You pay for our background verification service, not the results. We will not grant a refund after background verification has been conducted, except in the following instances ONLY:

(1) In the event you were charged more than once for a single order. All such claims require submission of valid proof of purchase reflecting the charges. Refunds granted may take up to three weeks to show a credit on your statement.

(2) In the event you did not receive your verification report.

FAQ on Official Transcripts

What is Transcript?

Transcripts by meaning are a statement of record from the university which is provided for the use of a third party. Transcript unlike a marks sheet can be issued any number of times by the University. Transcripts are required in original by many foreign universities for the purpose of admission, scholarship grants, by employers for verification, by immigration authorities where points are to be granted on the basis of qualifications. While marks sheet are to be issued to the students only and only once. Duplicate marks sheets are issued only on filing a police complaint against the loss of original. However, official transcripts can be issued to any interested recipient and as many number of times.

1. Are the transcripts delivered in envelopes with signature and seal by the University officials?

Yes, all the transcripts that we deliver are with signature and seal on the back of the envelope from the registrar or authorized officials of the University.


2. What is the difference between first copy and additional copy?

First copy and additional set are same by the content. They both are sealed envelopes with the transcripts. Additional set is lower priced and applying for more than one copy reduces the per copy fee.


3. How many days does it take to deliver the transcripts?

Transcripts delivery time includes the application evaluation time + college processing time + university processing time + logistics time.  The time varies between university to university as each university has its own time; please contact us with your University Name.


4. Are the transcripts shipped directly to the shipment address in USA or Canada?

We process the transcripts through the University and send them in a mailing envelope directly to any shipping address including destinations in USA, Canada or UK.


5. How can I track the transcript status?

You will receive alternate day email status update as your application progresses through the system. We regularly update the application status page with the current status of the transcripts. Once the shipment is sent to Logistics Company, we share the tracking code to see the status updated on their webpage. 


6. What are the documents that I need to submit for transcripts?

The documentation requirements vary from University to University. In general, documents required are scanned copies of all the marks sheets, scanned copy of the degree certificate and scanned copy of the authorization and declaration form signed. While your application processing will begin immediately on receiving the scanned documents, for the purpose of compliance requirement, original authorization and declaration form and a self attested photo ID proof is to be sent to our office address.


end faq


How to verify University centre certificate, Genuine or Fake?


Certificate Verification | Degree Verification | Marksheet Verification | Diploma Verification 


Getting certificate verification done, which is a part of education verification, can help the candidate in backing the claims succinctly. While going for an interview, carrying the verification report helps the candidate make the employer feel confident about the hiring decision.

  Verification You Can Trust

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For Payment Process & other formalities call us 8088880630 or alternatively you can email us at verify@

Know more about your University verification procedures

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