IBC is proud to announce the launch of its operations for employee background verifications in 152 Countries. Indian companies and multi-nationals operating out of India can now look forward to getting their international background checks and pre-employment screenings done through IBC. In its seventh year of operations in India IBC has grown from where it was, to being one of the top background check service providers in India servicing over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of SMEs. This announcement will, without doubt be a milestone in the history of IBC. Following this development IBC joins the select league of background check service providers in the industry having operations spanning multiple countries across continents. We urge you to leverage this development to your advantage. Please do feel free to contact us anytime, in case you need additional information about our new International employee background check services, or for that matter any of the IBC's services, or need assistance with regard to anything related to background checks or pre-employment screening services.